EV Repair & Convert AB started in late 2019 to meet with the demands of maintnence of electrics vehicles as the amount of EVs increase.

There are more and more customers who now own an electric vehicle without any warranty left and feel frustrated that there are no other alternative workshops that understand the relatively new advanced technology of an electric vehicle. EV Repair & Convert offers customers help with repairs, conversion to electric vehicles (long projects and finished kits). We also run a webshop with various accessories that we believe are smart and meet our standard of quality (product testing is ongoing).

Our team is a wide network, from design/mechanical engineers, electricians, programmers, ex. employees in various (leading) electric vehicle companies to sheet metal & welders. This makes us a complete workshop to turn to.


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* ServiceLyx available - To facilitate your service we offer to pick up your EV and drive it back to the same location once service is complete. 


Abraham Cakir

"I myself am from the service industry and was shocked by the level of service on this person. I drove from Sthlm to Malmö to get help and the owner worked with my car until just after midnight. He finished my car after 01, all so that I can go home immediately. You probably will not find anything like it, I promise! Also got a detailed report on everything they went through and pictures etc. Very knowledgeable and a real technology enthusiast!"

Frans Prenkert

"EV Repair and Rrezart are our savior in times of need. Very nice, helpful and professional.
When the MCU unloaded on our Tesla Model S, he helped to get the car rolling again in a good and efficient way. Honest and neat in every way - kudos! Highly recommended!"

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